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The Cybercyte: Plug and Play Dynamic Clamp
Dynamic clamp is a powerful tool for electrophysiology but the engineering
complexity has made this a tool which cannot be employed in most
electrophysiology labs. The Cybercyte is a user friendly easy to use
dynamic clamp system.
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Cardiac Myocytes
Induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiac myocytes hold great promise,
but they are limited in their use for studying integrated action potentials,
as they lack IK1. The Cybercyte "electronically" expresses IK1, which
restores the physiological resting potential, and enables quantitative
analysis of iPSCD action potentials. This is a significant advance in iPSCD
physiology. Read more about the ability of the Cybercyte to transform
iPSCD cardiac cells
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Cytocybernetics: Connecting Cells and Computers
FDA mandated Cardiac Safety Screening
Every new investigational drug submitted for FDA approval requires safety
testing to clearly demonstrate that the investigational compound does not
disrupt the electrical activity in the heart and have the potential to result in
long QT syndrome, which is arrhythmogenic and can lead to the potentially
fatal Torsade de Pointes (TdP). Cardiac safety screening data is required of
all new drugs, regardless of the mode of action, the intended target of the
drug, or the disease being treated. This requirement was developed in
response to the numerous structurally-unrelated drugs with a variety of
target organs which, once they got to market, resulted in lethal cardiac
arrhythmias (antihistamines, anti-arrhythmics, antibiotics, anti-cancer,
anti-malarials, psychiatric drugs, anti-depressants, etc). Drug-induced TdP
was responsible for 43% of postmarket drug withdrawals from 1999-2006,
and 80% of drug attrition occurs after clinical trials have begun.  

iPSCD cardiac cells offer the potential of safety screening on human cardiac
cells, which are not otherwise available. The Cybercyte makes iPSCD
cardiac cells more physiological, and enables rapid and reliable quantitative
analysis of iPSCD cardiac cells.
Custom models for Dynamic Clamp
The Cybercyte is a versatile plug and play dynamic clamp system which can
be used with a variety of cell types. Cytocybernetics offers custom
installation and applications for diverse applications. Read about custom
models and dynamic clamp in non iPSCD cells
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