Plug and Play Dynamic Clamp

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The Cybercyte: Plug and Play Dynamic Clamp
Dynamic clamp is a powerful tool for electrophysiology but its inherent
complexity has restricted its use. The Cybercyte makes it possible to use
dynamic clamp in any lab.

The Cybercyte is a plug and play dynamic clamp system which easily
couples to your existing electrophysiology set up. You can easily switch
between ionic channels by our simple icon based user interface. We work
with you to customize ion channel models for your needs, and offer
complete support, including set up and user training.

We also offer a complete experimental service, where we perform
experiments and analysis for you.

Contact us today to discuss your projects.
Cytocybernetics: Connecting Cells and Computers
Custom models for Dynamic Clamp
The Cybercyte is a versatile plug and play dynamic clamp system which can
be used with a variety of cell types. Cytocybernetics offers custom
installation and applications for diverse applications. Read about custom
models and dynamic clamp in non iPSCD cells
here, or request a reprint