Dr. Gary Rasmusson
Chief Scientific Officer
Medicincal Chemist. Inventor of the Year Award, from the
IPO, for Proscar, which he developed as part of his long
career at Merck
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Contact: GRasmusson@Cytocybernetics.com
Gary Rasmusson
Dr. Glenna C L Bett
Founder and CEO
Expert in electrophysiology, analysis, and mathematical
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Contact: Bett@Cytocybernetics.com
Randall Rasmusson
Dr. Randall L. Rasmusson
Founder and President
Expert in physiology, mathematical modelling, and
electrical engineering.
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Contact: RRasmusson@Cytocybernetics.com
Dr. Mark Nowak
Lead Scientist
Expert Electrophysiologist. Great experience in CROs nad
biotech startups. PI on several STTRs.

Contact: Nowak@Cytocybernetics.com
Brandon Franks
Computer Programmer and Numerical Analyst.

Contact: Franks@Cytocybernetics.com
Biologist and cell culture specialist.

Sanjot Singh
Biotechnologist and cell culture specialist.

Contact: Singh@cytocybernetics.com
James Melton
Biomedical Engineer

Contact: Melton@Cytocybernetics.com
Dr. Shimin Wang
Over a decade of experience in drug safety screening
CROs, including Eurofins Panlabs.

Contact: Wang@cytocybernetics.com
Leigh Korbel
Software Engineer

Contact: Korbel@Cytocybernetics.com
Dr. Brian Panama
Senior Scientist
Expert in Cellular Electrophysiology

Contact: Panama@cytocybernetics.com