Dr. Gary Rasmusson
Chief Scientific Officer
Medicincal Chemist. Inventor of the Year Award, from the
IPO, for Proscar, which he developed as part of his long
career at Merck
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Contact: GRasmusson@Cytocybernetics.com
Gary Rasmusson
Dr. Glenna C L Bett
Founder and CEO
Expert in electrophysiology, analysis, and mathematical
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Contact: Bett@Cytocybernetics.com
Randall Rasmusson
Dr. Randall L. Rasmusson
Founder and President
Expert in physiology, mathematical modelling, and
electrical engineering.
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Contact: RRasmusson@Cytocybernetics.com
Dr. Mark Nowak
Lead Scientist
Expert Electrophysiologist. Great experience in CROs nad
biotech startups. PI on several STTRs.

Contact: Nowak@Cytocybernetics.com
Brandon Franks
Computer Programmer and Numerical Analyst.

Contact: Franks@Cytocybernetics.com
Biologist and cell culture specialist.

Sanjot Singh
Biotechnologist and cell culture specialist.

Contact: Singh@cytocybernetics.com
James Melton
Biomedical Engineer

Contact: Melton@Cytocybernetics.com
Dr. Shimin Wang
Over a decade of experience in drug safety screening
CROs, including Eurofins Panlabs.

Contact: Wang@cytocybernetics.com
Leigh Korbel
Software Engineer

Contact: Korbel@Cytocybernetics.com
Dr. Brian Panama
Senior Scientist
Expert in Cellular Electrophysiology

Contact: Panama@cytocybernetics.com
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Company Information
Cytocybernetics is dedicated to maintaining public trust in the
integrity of our research related activities.

The identification and responsible management of financial conflicts of
interest (FCOI) are crucial both for safeguarding research objectivity
and for compliance with federal regulations and Cytocybernetics’

The Research Compliance Officer (RCO) is responsible for
administration of our FCOI program, which includes staff training in
FCOI, review of all financial interests disclosed, development of FCOI
management plans, and of all other FCOI matters, including reporting
to federal agencies as appropriate.

The Research Compliance Officer can be reached via email at

The FCOI policy was developed to comply with all applicable Federal
regulations, and is available here:

Cytocybernetics FCOI Policy
Biological Division
Computational Division