The Cybercyte Plug and Play Dynamic Clamp

The Cybercyte electronically expresses currents in cells being examined using voltage
clamp, and can be used for a variety of research purposes. We provide
installation, custom modelling and analysis, and can customize the Cybercyte for your
specific applications.

The Cybercyte is a simple plug and play dynamic clamp system, which works with your
existing voltage clamp system. The user interface is driven by icons, making it easy to
switch between electronically expressed currents in real time.

iPSCD Cardiac Myocytes
The Cybercyte electronically expresses IK1 in induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiac
myocytes. This restores the resting potential, resets ion channels, and the cells have
normal Action Potential morphology. Cells can clearly be identified as atrial or ventricular,
which enables focused experiments on one cell type only.

Other Cell Types
The Cybercyte can be used to eliminate or add currents in any cell type. An example of
this is found in the paper by
Cordiero et al.  We are happy to work with you on your
custom projects.
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