Plug and Play Dynamic Clamp
Cytocybernetics: Connecting Cells and Computers
Cybercyte and Drug Safety Screening
Induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiac myocytes offer an unrivalled window in
to the integrated function of the human heart. However, they have minimal or
absent IK1. The Cybercyte can easily replace the missing Ik1 via electronic
expression of this current.

Adding a generalized electronic IK1 with the Cybercyte enables the cell to be readily
identified as either atrial or ventricular. The user then clicks on either the atrial or
ventricular icon, so the appropriate formulation of IK1 is used. The magnitude of IK1
is easily scaled to the value appropriate for the cell capacitance.

Addition of IK1 removes spontaneous depolarization, which enables cells to be
studied over a wide range of frequencies. It also enables cells to be identified as
atrial or ventricular, reducing spurious data collected from the wrong cell type.

iPSCD-CMS with electronically expressed IK1 makes an ideal system in which to
study drug binding, especially FDA-mandated drug safety screening.  

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