We are a rapidly growing company, with several opportunities for students
who wish to join us for the summer or during the semester. If you have a
marketable skill set, you may be interested in a temporary appointment. If
you are looking to develop or expand your skill set under the direct
tutelage of the senior leadership of the company, you may be interested in
an intern position.

We have Intern positions available in our Computing, Biomedical
Engineering, Science, and Business Divisions. An intern does not just
perform the duties of a regular employee. Internships are custom designed
based on the specific learning objectives and skill development
requirements of the intern. If you are interested in an intern position with
us, we would be happy to develop an individualized plan with specific
learning outcomes, deliverables, and a personal timeline. All interns benefit
from frequent feedback, while working in a positive and dynamic
environment. Work completed at Cytocybernetics is regularly presented at
local, national, and international meetings. There are opportunities for
interns to present at these meetings. If you would like to explore intern
opportunities, send a CV and an outline of your interest to

Cytocybernetics is located in Start Up NY space on the South Campus of
the University at Buffalo, where there is ample free parking.

Cytocybernetics is an Equal opportunity Employer, and we welcome
applications from all qualified applicants.  
Cytocybernetics: Connecting Cells and Computers