AC4x4 Switchable artificial Cell

The Cytocybernetics AC4x4 Artificial Cell
The Cytocybernetics AC4x4 is a switchable artificial electronic cell for use
with voltage clamp amplifiers. This artificial cell is specifically designed for
use with stem cell derived cell types (including iPSCD cardiac cells) which
may have a very high background resistance and highly variable cell

The AC4x4 implements an equivalent cell for whole cell measurements.  
The internal components consist of:
-  four
selectable series resistances (electrode equivalent)
-  four
selectable cell capacitances
with a 5 GΩ shunt (membrane seal equivalent).  

The switch settings allow for 15 possible different electrode resistances
and 15 different membrane capacitances for a total of
over 200 possible

The AC4x4 has many uses:
Testing equipment.
Debugging system noise.
Adjusting headstage bias currents.
Teaching students the basics of patch clamp.
Determining stable operating configurations for dynamic clamp and current
clamp applications.

The AC4x4 uses high precision selectable components for reproducible and
reliable capacitive transients:

The user can select over 200 possible combinations. If you require a
special combination, we can create a custom artificial cell to meet your
needs. Contact us at:

Contact us today to discuss your projects.
Cytocybernetics: Connecting Cells and Computers

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22 ±1 pF
1 MΩ ± 1%
44 pF ± 2.5%
2 MΩ ± 1%
100 pF ± 1%
5 MΩ ± 1%
220 pF ±  1%
10 MΩ ± 1%