Cytocybernetics is the sole supplier of the patented CytoVolt1 (Di-
4ANBDQBS, JPW-6033), an independently validated, long lasting,
non-toxic, near infra-red, voltage sensitive dye. Features include:

•        No Dye Toxicity
•        No Phototoxicity
•        High ΔF/F: 15-20%
•        High Quantum Yield
•        High Linearity
•        Fast Response Time
•        Independently Validated
•        Compatible with Optogenetics

CytoVolt1 (Di-4-ANBDQBS, JPW6033)
lasts 8 times longer than
the leading competitor, Di-4-ANEPPS. It can be excited with red
light (615-650nm) which does not damage cells thus eliminating
phototoxic effects. It is highly linear over the physiological range
and, due to the mechanism of molecular stark effect, has very fast
response times, below a microsecond. In addition, the slow rate of
internalization allows time for voltage calibration, and the high ΔF/F
offers superior signal-to-noise ratio.

The Technical Specifications of CytoVolt1 are available
here, along
with a list of papers using this powerful dye.

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Cytocybernetics: Connecting Cells and Computers

A Voltage Sensitive Dye which
lasts up to
di-4-ANBDQBS datasheet
Di-4-ANBDQBS datasheet
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