qNET analysis for CiPA

  • Fast and reliable qNET analysis of ion channel data
  • hERG block modelling in real time
  • Analysis of partial data for "go/no-go" decisions

qNET was developed by Chang and Li at the FDA, and sucessfully sorts 12
CiPA training compounds by Torsades de Pointes (TDP) risk category. The R
script is available at:

qNET is written in R script, which is not computationally efficient. We
developed a version of qNET written in parallel C Code, which runs 25x
faster than the R script.

Cellular qNET analysis for CiPA

•        Cellular analog of the qNET arrhythmia index
•        Uses real cardiac cells to check computed qNET
•        Detects non-modelled effects
•        Uses Cells (e.g., iPSCD cardiocytes) vs. Computer Cell models
•        Independent of O’Hara-Rudy assumptions

Contact us today to learn more about qNET. Info@cytocybernetics.com
Cytocybernetics: Connecting Cells and Computers
FDA R Script
Cytocybernetics Parallel C Code: 25 times FASTER
2000 samples
264 days
2000 Samples
10.5 days